Timeframe on Project: 2010 to Current

SPB Consulting provides provided risk assessment support to the Bureau of Land Management at the former mercury mine since 2010. SPB Consulting’s Stephanie Pingree Buss has served as the lead human health risk assessor at the site and has developed the human health risk assessment work plan, subsistence evaluation technical memorandum, risk assessment and supplemental risk assessment work plan for the site.

Red Devil Mine is an abandoned mercury mine located along the Kuskokwim River in Alaska. Contaminants of potential concern include inorganic mercury, antimony, arsenic, and methylmercury. The human health baseline risk assessment followed both Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (ADEC) and United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) protocol and guidelines for risk assessments. Ms. Pingree Buss has led the assessment of the bioavailability of heavy metals at the site, working closely with the USEPA, and the state environmental and health agencies to evaluate the consumption of subsistence resources at the site. Ms. Pingree Buss utilized data from in vitro methods to estimate bioavailability of metals at the site in determining site-specific dose estimates. Using harvest survey data from the region, Ms. Pingree Buss estimated site-specific consumption levels of wild food resources including plants, birds, terrestrial mammals and fish. Ms. Pingree Buss is currently completing the supplement to the human health risk assessment at the site to evaluate potential exposures to contaminants on a regional basis using Kuskokwim River fish contaminant and telemetry data.